This program has evolved from Panache’s extensive experience and in-depth understanding of what it takes to be a successful professional in the Business of Entertainment, Music & Live Performance. The innovative course aims at training students to acquire performing skills, music production skills, gain technical know-how of Sound Engineering & understand the various dimensions of sound & music. This is a stepping stone to advanced education in the Music & Entertainment Business.

Areas of focus

  • Digital Pro DJ
  • Radio & TV Production
  • Live & Recorded Sound
  • Sound Design for Films & TV
  • Electronic Music Production
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Event Management


1 Digital Pro DJ

The module helps develop live performance skills of students aspiring to become professional DJs. It provides thorough knowledge of various music genres and training in the technical aspects. Upon successful completion, students are awarded Pioneer Pro DJ International Certification, which is well-respected in the industry. The training also acquaints students with the current trends of Digital Technology, advancements in DJ'ing software, equipment, digital downloading and much more.

2 Radio & TV Production

Television & Radio are media that have proved to be timeless. Their magic lies in the fact that every member of the audience is able to adapt the product, or the show, to his or her own sensibilities. Students will receive training majoring in four fields – Personality, Responsibility, Voice Culture, and Interactivity. At the end of the course, students would develop qualities like the ability to speak publicly, express the core idea better, captivate audiences with their own singular, unique personality, and to effectively deliver content.

3 Live & Recorded Sound

This course explores the acoustical, musical, and technical aspects of the live show set-up, in order to learn how to present the best possible sound to the audience. You will study, evaluate, and compare several different live and studio recordings in order to establish a point of reference for your own system design, installation & programming. The course emphasizes instrument sounds, microphones, equalization, and dynamics processing. These tools are presented in a manner that places a high value on the creative and technical influences they impose on the individual sounds, as well as the control they can offer for multiple sounds, channels, and tracks.

4 Sound Design

The module enables you to develop creative potential in producing & designing sound through the use of modern music software & recording skills both in studio & outside. Expert faculty will demonstrate the use of latest instruments and plug-ins to create your own unique sound and deliver productions and remixes of a professional standard as needed for films, TV, radio, gaming, animation & related industries.

5 Recording, Mixing & Mastering Techniques

The course exposes you to the theory and operation of recording and mixing equipment in a studio. Working with live musicians in a real recording session environment will help develop creative production skills in sound design, artist collaboration, and the necessary etiquette.

For your music to impress label executives, DJs, and listeners, the audio mix plays a critical role. This course enables you access to professional sound engineers who will break down the process and demonstrate exactly what is required to make your music grab attention.