The classes are practical oriented, with a focus on being able to function in a radio station from day one. The first 4 weeks are focused on Personality and Voice culture wherein the student is trained for public speaking, while inculcating a style of his/her own. The second four weeks are centred around developing a sense of responsibility for their action, both on and off air. The course teaches how to handle a sensitive subject, how to treat a particular topic, and how to word conversations on air. Students are also trained to troubleshoot (in case of any contingency) and to keep the show entertaining.

Areas of focus

  • Personality Development
  • Voice Culture
  • Voice Modulation
  • Social Awareness & Responsibility
With FM and TV stations taking off in a big way in all the metros, it has opened up immense opportunities for youngsters interested in making a career on the airwaves.


1 Personality

Every student, at the end of the day, is an individual with an idea that defines the person. Developing qualities like public speaking ability help express that core idea better, and thereby create a larger than life persona of the boy/girl next door. This also surrounds the RJ/VJ with an aura of mystery and allure, giving the listener the feeling of something being so close and yet so far.

Voice Culture

In this module, the student is trained to understand voice culture, voice modulation, and the effect of tonality on the show. These factors set the mood and the flow of a show, making it a smoothly transitioned, wholesome package. A bit of the RJ/VJ’s personality has to be interlaced into this entire process so as to set him/her apart from any other show on any network, giving him/her the chance to build a following.


This module includes the core elements of each of the earlier modules, and puts the student to the ultimate test – the listener. The aspiring RJ/VJ is put through actual interactions with an audience to get a realistic perspective on communication skills, entertainment quotient and sense of responsibility.


When an RJ is hosting a show at any given point of time, there is a multitude of people listening in and since they relate to the RJ, take heed to what the RJ has to say. So the student is trained on being politically correct, diplomatic and above all non-hurtful. This is to keep in place, the mystery that surrounds the RJ along with a high regard in the listener’s mind.