Why Panache


In this demanding environment, quality is paramount. The School is focused onto education in emerging technologies and modern practices thereby delivering courses to meet the needs of the Entertainment industry and of its many employers. Our Profile is a strong indication of innovation and intellectual challenge therefore offering students the rare combination: practical, relevant knowledge honed by the transferable skills such as team working, communication and leadership that you will need in your future career.

Panache is the gateway to a professional life.

Why Panache

  • Specialist
  • Expertise
  • Student Focus
  • Central Location
  • International Outlook
  • Industry Links

Why choose Panache?


Panache offers an extensive range of specialist study reflecting the diversity of media & entertainment subjects available throughout the school. We offer unparalleled range of courses for students: from audio engineering, music production & technology, music creation to its management marketing and promotion. Panache provides a unique opportunity for educational progression within a specialist environment.


The expertise of our highly experienced industry professionals combines teaching with careers in within the industry. This allows them to pass on invaluable insider knowledge to students on the latest technologies, techniques and trends. We can offer our students therefore a combination of practical and theoretical skills, supported by an understanding of the technological context in which industry operates.

Student Focus

The course combines practical studio work with media theories enabling students to investigate and increase their understanding of the physical and imaginative world. The faculty ensures that students are aware of changing demands and opportunities in the entertainment industry. Our emphasis lies on professionalism, aiming to create an inspiring and instructive learning environment for our students.

Central Location

Two schools - Abids & Banjara Hills, in the heart of Telangana's capital, Hyderabad. Students are not short of inspiration, having immediate access to some of India’s best museums, clubs, theatres, cinemas, shopping malls and IT parks. It has deep roots in the cities famous music scene, studios and strong connection in the industry across the country. The School campus includes its studio, leisure club and accommodation halls, defining central accessibility in entirety.

Global Outlook

At Panche, we believe that music is a universal language. Our perspective is further enhanced by the collaborative academic links we have with a global network of institutions. Our school is listed in the Audio Engineering Society (AES) among professional institutions offering education in sound & music. We are also a Pioneer Pro DJ Certified school. AES, in its fifth decade, is the only professional society devoted exclusively to audio technology, is dedicated to the advancement of education in media studies, business for entertainment and related industries.

Industry Links

The School has strong links with the National & Regional Entertainment Industries, and enjoys a mutually beneficial relationship. One that we are constantly seeking to expand, to enable integration of work placements and live projects with market leaders in entertainment programmes. We are also increasingly strengthening our links on an international scale for excellence in media education, that is industry-recognised at national and international levels.

The Audio Engineering Society Education Committee hosts the Education Fair at AES conventions and publishes the Directory of Educational Programs, a comprehensive international guide to educational programs and career opportunities in Audio.